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Posted March 3, 2022 by Cedar Point

Refreshing Your Apartment for Spring

Heading into March means Spring is officially around the corner. Good news for anyone wanting to escape the constant cold! 

With that, we always love a good spring cleaning and have compiled a list of 5 great ways to refresh your apartment space for spring:

  1.  Wash or replace any entryway carpets. While some carpets can be run through the washer/dryer, others tend to be so built up by salt and snow that it might make sense to just toss. A fresh new carpet is an easy purchase at your local Walmart or home goods store.
  2. Reorganize pantries – over the winter months we tend to stalk up on non-perishable items and load up our pantries which become understandably cluttered by March/April. Give your kitchen a refresh by reorganizing and donating any unneeded canned goods.
  3. Change out towels – similar to refreshing your carpets, it’s always a good idea to buy a fresh set of kitchen and bath towels or give yours a deep sanitary clean. 
  4. Let in some fresh air – on a nice spring day, keeping a small window open to allow air flow through your apartment will help circulate fresh air into your apartment
  5. Declutter closets and donate any unused clothing or household items. This a great time to purge the small piles that accumulate around the bedroom floors and family room.
  6. Do a 5 minute walk through of your apartment to check for plumbing issues, electrical issues and ensure all smoke detectors and CO monitors are in working order.