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Posted September 27, 2021 by Cedar Point

How To Be a Great Tenant

Having the best rental experience possible also means having a good relationship with your landlord/management company. Here are a few small tips that really shine on a tenants’ referral: 

Pay Your Rent on Time 
Paying your rent late can really hurt your relationship with a landlord/management company, hurt your credit rating and even land you in the landlord tenant board. Keep in mind, your landlord may also include your payment history when providing a referral to future landlords/management companies. 

Cedar Point Communities offers many easy options to paying your rent which include email money transfer, post dated cheques, money order, and preauthorized debit.  

Be A Good Neighbour 
Being a good neighbour doesn’t just refer to the person living next door to you. Being a good neighbour means doing your part as a resident of the community- including keeping our property free of garbage and debris, disposing of cigarette butts in the proper receptors, cleaning up after pets, recycling when possible, being mindful of noise in the common spaces, and of course wearing a face covering mask when in common spaces. Being a good neighbour also includes being considerate, friendly and kind where possible.

Keep A Clean Apartment
While this sounds obvious, the idea is much broader than your own space. Keeping a clean apartment not only benefits you, but it benefits the whole building! Keeping a clean space prevents building wide problems like pesky rodents, bed bugs, and cockroaches. Doing your part to ensure each unit is well maintained results in less problems down the road for everyone! Part of this category also includes your unit maintenance- always be sure to report any leaky faucets, leaking toilets, appliance damage etc. While you think this may only affect your unit, without reporting it may create big problems for other residents. Doing your part by keeping open lines of communication with your landlord/management company helps everyone!